Diabetes Care Centre

The Diabetes Care Center, located next to the Accident & Emergency Department, was officially launched in year 2002 to empower diabetics and their caregivers with self-management skills via education, counseling and practical help. With what learn from our experts and specialists, diabetics will enjoy better health and help prevent complications as they learn to take control of their health and well-being.
This Centre also serves as a Diabetes Resource Centre. It helps educate and train Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur nurses so that they are more proficient in the management of diabetic patients. Skill training in diabetic care is also offered.

Diabetes Education covered:

  • Diabetes-the disease
  • Basic diet/healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Medication / Insulin
  • Self Care-Blood glucose monitoring/Foot care
  • Sick days management/problem solving skills
  • Psychosocial adaptation to diabetes

For appointments and enquiries, please contact: 603-4141 3118

Operation Hours :Monday – Friday : 9am – 5pm
Saturdays : 9am – 1pm