#pinkbluemove: Real Cost of Care

Breast & Prostate Awareness

Once again, we are in the month of Pink October. Our theme for this year is #pinkbluemove, an awareness campaign raised on the importance of early detection for both breast and prostate cancer.

Often overlooked, are the caregivers of these patients/survivors. They are the pillars of strength, and always put their own needs and feelings aside to focus on helping their loved ones in managing their illness the best they can.

From an establishment that knows the essence of care, this time Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur wished to celebrate all caregivers of breast and prostate cancer patients/survivors (as well as all of other patients) by giving a highlight to the much overlooked REAL COST OF ‘CARE’ – those sleepless nights, extra days off, hospital appointments, support, encouragement, love and more.

Go ahead and nominate your dedicated caregiver today in GKL’S Facebook page in our Shocking bill posts here. Our team will select, visit and surprise 3 random caregivers with flowers and a giant care bill. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and include #pinkbluemove in your nominations.

Here are some health tips on breast & prostate cancer: