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International Patient Guide

This guide takes you through the process of an international patient – from making the appointment to your arrival, registration, and more.

Doctor’s Appointment
Make an appointment to see a doctor via:
Service Ambassadors:
+603 - 4141 3001 / 3583 / 3763 / 3764
+6016 - 339 3000
Required Information and Documents
Please have these information and documents ready when you make the appointment:
Airport Transfer Booking
Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur offers complimentary airport transfer to get you from the airport to the hospital. Make your booking in advance via:
+603 – 4141 3763 or +603 - 4141 3764
Required Information
Please provide the following information when making reservation:
Contact our International Patients Centre:
+603 - 4141 3763
+603 - 4141 3764
Airport to Gleneagles KL
Mon – Fri 7:00am – 4:30pm
Sat 7:00am – 4:30pm
Gleneagles KL to Airport
Mon – Fri 7:00am – 4:30pm
Sat 7:00am – 4:30pm
Alternatively, you can also take a GrabCar or taxi which would cost approximately RM70 to RM120 per trip, depending on traffic conditions.

Outpatient Registration

  1. Please view the list of specialists and their consultation times here.
  2. Call or visit the below counter for registration:
Main counter Level Building Contact
International Patient Lounge Level 6 Block A +603-4141 3763/3764

Inpatient Registration

  1. Pre-Registration: Upon consultation you will be advised if you require admission.
  2. You are encouraged to pre-register yourself at least 3 days before the day of your admission at the Admission Counter located at the Main Lobby of Block A*. This will expedite your admission to the ward when you arrive on the day of your admission.
For Outpatient Services
  • Please ensure you have these documents ready:
    • Identification Card and/or Passport
    • Referral Documents e.g doctor’s referral letter, previous medical reports, imaging films etc
    • Guarantee Letters (if any) from your insurance provider
  • Should you require translator’s service, please contact the International Patient Services team at +603-4141 3763/3764.
  • Once doctor’s consultation is over, payment can be done at individual specialist clinics, main lobby, screening centres and other outpatient cashier counters (without medication) or our Pharmacies at below locations (with medication).
    No. Counters Level Building
    1. Retail Pharmacy I Ground Level Medical Consultation Suites Block (MCS)
    2. Retail Pharmacy II Level 1 Block B


For Inpatient Services
  • Proceed to the Admission Counter at the Main Lobby for registration (during office hours).
  • Our staff at the counter will take note of your admission requirement. She/he will request for your NRIC or Passport, Insurance Card (if required) and room preference. You may be required to wait while we prepare your room.
  • After the admission process, our registration personnel will explain on the condition of service, insurance matters and other requirements. A patient ID band will be placed on your wrist for the duration of your hospitalisation.
  • Should you utilise medical insurance card for insurance claim, admission to the ward will only be carried out upon receipt of Initial Guarantee Letter (IGL) from your insurance company.  Should you decide not to wait for IGL, you may proceed to pay the required deposit which will be refunded upon receipt of your IGL. If you have pre-registered before admission day, you will not be required to wait for your IGL.
  • Should you need to pay a deposit, you will be shown to the cashier counter. Our cashier will assist you with your payment.
  • A porter will escort you to the ward where our nurses will look after you and all aspects of your care during hospitalisation.
  • You will be kept updated on your hospital bill should your interim bill exceed your deposit.
  • For after office hours, registration can be done at the Accident & Emergency Counter located at the Main Lobby, Block A.