Obesity in Malaysia: The hard facts

Malaysia has the largest number of productive years lost in obese females i.e. seven to 12 years.

— Source: Tackling obesity in ASEAN. The Economist Intelligence Unit (2017)

Adult obesity (≥ Age 18)

3.3 million of Malaysians are obese, whereas 5.6 million of the population are overweight.
— National Health and Morbidity Survey of 2015

No.1 Obese Country

Malaysia is the No.1 most obese country in Southeast Asia.
— The Lancet 2015

The Average Age

The average age of obesity sufferers in Malaysia is 35 to 50, although there are 500,000 obese children in Malaysia and counting.

Signs you may be suffering from obesity

Problems with weight can take a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally, and often, help is only sought when the condition becomes severe.

Knowing the early warnings of obesity can help you seek the right help and treatment.

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Treatment Options

Story of Life Transformed

It isn’t an easy thing to tell of struggles with weight and the impact it has had on the ways we live, work and play. Here are stories shared by individuals who found the right kind of Bariatric Care for them, and the transformations it has spurred in their lives.

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