Centres of Excellence

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur is an accredited, leading medical centre that promises to bring you the best in health care and management under one roof. In the 15 years that we have been in operations, we have evolved from being an efficient and leading healthcare provider to a medical centre that offers and provides total solutions from every aspect. We have grown from strength to strength and are poised to be among the best in the industry. Now, we have our pride and joy, the Centres of Excellence, on the 5th floor of the Hospital Building dedicated to:

Women and Children


Orthopaedic (Trauma, Joint Replacement and Spine)

Neurology Centre (Brain and Spine)

Oncology (Cancer Treatment)

We always have our patients and their family’s best interest and benefit. Our paediatric, neurology, cardiology and maternity wards boast of ratio of one nurse to four patients as opposed to the regular one to six. Our staff is also trained in pain management. By knowing the pain level, we can give the right kind of care. We ask questions upfront so that you have choices and knowledge about alternatives. This also helps doctors to better document each case.