Technology and Equipment

  1. STEMI ProgrammeSTEMI Clinical Pathway is another service that Gleneagles Cardiac has to offer to cardiac patients. It is the main tool used to manage acute myocardial infarction. We are prepared and equipped to offer immediate attention and modern technology to patients who are diagnosed with heart attack. We have added this protocol to our Emergency Department to provide patients suffering from this deadly condition of heart disease.

    We have a standby cardiac catherisation laboratory as well as the STEMI programme where if you had a heart attack we could put a catheter into you within 30 minutes. This cath lab operates 24-hours.

  2. 3Teslar MRI Machine For Neurology and Cardiology InvestigationsThis multi-million dollar machine is the Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur’s investment and commitment to medical excellence. The breakthrough technology in imaging will significantly increase productivity, which means that we are equipped to do more neurological studies and less invasive neurosurgical works on patients. The clarity of images taken will ensure that the diagnostic workout that we do actually support the clinical treatments that are provided in the areas of cardiac and musculoskeletal work.
  3. 128-Slice CT ScannerThis is another of the hospital’s investment and commitment to our patients. With the sophisticated software, we can do morphology studies, which were previously the domain of private, specialist hospitals or university hospitals.

    This means that investigations requiring such high-end technology is now available in the country.

  4. Digital Mammography with New Image Dimension & DetectionMammogram is probably the most common tool to help diagnose breast cancer amongst women, however digital mammogram is today’s new wave in technological advancement for bringing safe and high quality images and more accurate results that are generated within seconds. Digital mammogram is now most often used to provide better overall care that assist to earlier detection, more accurate diagnoses and better patient care.

    The advantages of this machine are:

    1. Patient-centered careA more comfortable MRI system with a larger and shorter bore.
    2. Expert-level scansBetter image quality for a better diagnosis.
    3. Transform the dayFaster scan that can reduce patient’s anxiety.