Breast Care Centre

Located on level 1 of GKL’s new building, the GKL Breast Care centre supports all the consultation, treatment, care, counselling and rehabilitative needs of everything pertaining to breast care. GKL understands the sensitivities behind the topic of breast care for many. The Breast Care Centre provides visitors and patients a safe place to address their health concerns openly while obtaining advice, care and rehabilitation from a fleet of professional staff who are in-tune and accommodating to their sensitivities. The Breast Care Centre consultation rooms come equipped with X-Ray Viewers, Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) as a one-stop location to comfortably and comprehensively discuss the patient’s state of health. The Breast Care Centre is also equipped with ultrasound scanners and mammography equipment to provide end-to-end breast care diagnostics. Resuscitation equipment is available to ensure swift action can be taken whenever needed. For comfort and convenience, the Breast Care Centre offers free Wi-Fi, limited-mobility friendly lavatories and is easily accessible to the Pharmacy, Medi-Feet and F&B outlets. For more information, please call 03-4141 3664/ 3665.


Pink October Promotional Screening 2019
In conjunction with Pink October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month